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Doron has been interviewed and quoted in the following media:

JUST Magazine - May 15, 2018

"Helping Wanted: The Achilles Heel of Lawyers" " by Mitchell Rose

PrecedentJD Magazine - September 6, 2017

"Is Law School Making You Sick? " by Katherine Laidlaw

CBA National Magazine - Winter, 2017

"Stressed out? There’s Help for That " by Ann Macaulay

OHS Canada: Canada's Occupational Health & Safety Magazine – December 14, 2016

"Dark Days " by Donalee Moulton

CBA Wellness Forum - December 6, 2016

"Doron Gold Wins CBA Wellness Award " by OBA


CBC - November 26, 2016

"'The Impact on Society is Enormous': In Legal Profession, Depression, Addiction Hurt Clients, too " by Nicole Ireland


Law Times Editorial- November 21, 2016

"A Different World " by Gabrielle Giroday

Law Times - November 14, 2016

"Defence Lawyers Want Government-funded Counselling " by Alex Robinson

GlobalTV (Article and Video Report) – September 30, 2015

"New Canadian program helps lawyers, judges deal with mental health issues " by Heather Yourex-West

LawPro Avoid-A-Claim – September 17, 2015

"The day-to-day stresses and challenges of being a lawyer " by Ian Hu

Lexpert Magazine – May, 2015

"Confronting the Mental Health Stigma in the Legal Profession " by Bev Cline

OBA Opening Remarks – 2015

"Nova Scotia stresses rehabilitation over discipline for troubled lawyers " interview with Orlando Da Silva, past President of the Ontario Bar Association

Lawyers’ Weekly – March 28, 2014

"Nova Scotia stresses rehabilitation over discipline for troubled lawyers " by Donalee Moulton

Ultra Vires - November 27, 2013

"Contempt of Course: Disband the Health and Wellness Committee! " by David Gruber

Law Times - June 10, 2013

" Does Nova Scotia have answer for lawyers with mental illness?" by Yamri Taddese

Law Times - May 20, 2013

" LSUC hearings consider alternatives to disciplining lawyers with mental-health issues" by Yamri Taddese

Lawyers Weekly - March 13, 2013

" A Volatile Cocktail of Personality, Occupation" by Michael Benedict

Law Times - September 3, 2012

"Stress Leaves Lawyers Prone to Addiction" by Kendyl Sebesta

Canadian Lawyer In House - October 2008

"Balance Can Be a Misnomer" by Heather Capannelli

Canadian Lawyer 4Students - August 2012

"Breaking Down the Barriers" by Heather Gardiner

Lawyers Weekly - May 13, 2011

"Sick and Tired of Being a Lawyer: There are Options" by John Starzynski

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